How to Get Better Google Reviews

Post Author: Adam Vincent

Reviews are a huge part of local search

There are dozens of review sites out there per industry, but Google reviews are probably the most important of all. Think about it: if a business shows up in search but only has 2.5 stars, would you click on the link? Or would you click on the one that has 4.5 stars?

On top of that, Google has recently confirmed that high-quality, positive reviews will improve your visibility online and increase the likelihood they will visit your location. But you have to make it easy for your customers to give you positive reviews.

Google Reviews - How To Utilize Google Stars to Further Your Reviews Marketing


How do you get good reviews?

First, you need to provide great customer service to those who are buying your products or services. We assume you’re already doing that, so let’s move on:

Second, you need to ask for reviews. Feel a little weird doing it? You’re not alone. But what if we said we here at Traction Works could make it easier? There are several ways to accomplish getting more reviews:

The simple way is to create an HTML email with a 5-star graphic soliciting reviews.

Those who click 1-3 stars are channeled to a feedback form and not a review site. Those who click 4-5 stars are taken to a page directing them to you Google review, Yelp or other review pages specific to your industry. Try it just below (and if you feel like leaving us a review…)


Another, more effective way, is to further automate the process with a dedicated review automation service. With these services, you can integrate them into your CRM or simply push a button every time you want to solicit a review. These systems generally have a higher rate of success because the presentation (and automation) is much better. They can even send out text prompts that have a higher success rate.

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