• YouTube-Autoplay-Has-Stopped

    YouTube and Vimeo Videos Have Stopped Autoplaying On My Website!

    Why in the holy love of interweb are my videos not autoplaying? Was there some seismic jolt in the Force? Is the world coming to an end? Was the Digital God Maximus Backup-zamus laughing at me? Did the Cubs win the World Series? Well, in fairness to the Cubs….they did

  • tractionworksseohamburgermenu

    Hamburger Menus….When and When Not To Use Them

    These little guys are really cool. Some genius out there dreamt up that these three little lines will seep into the digital knowledge of the spectrum of earth and by looking at them, communicate the word “menu”. There are, however, some drawbacks to using these little hamburger menu icons on

  • website design Santa Fe, NM

    Should you build a Wix website yourself?

    The other day a potential client asked us why she shouldn’t build her own site in Wix. Her main motivation was financial, of course, but it set off a conversation in our office about which website building platform is best. Ok, you’re not going to be surprised that we say