Amazon Prime Day! Deals and Tips

Post Author: Alex J. Martinez

Amazon Prime Day

Days: July 15-16

Start Time: 1:00 am Mountain Time

How: Sign Up For Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime Day is closing in on us! July 15-16 are the days and it kicks off at 1am Mountain Time on the 15th. Prime Day is exclusively for Amazon Prime members only. Membership is $12.99 per month and with it you get all kinds of discounts for products you shop for, but also have access to prime as an app on your device or SmartTV. This gives you access to Prime movies, original content made by Amazon and a lot more. You also have access to Amazon Music, which has over 2 million songs listed.

Prime Day has become a sort of phenomenon. This day causes brick and mortar competitors panties to be twisted in a bunch over Amazon’s sale days. Even going as far as putting out their own Prime Day versions during the two-day span (like Walmart, Target and even eBay!). Not only will you have access to deals on tech stuff, but you can also get a $10 credit on your Amazon account when you spend $10 at Whole Foods!

Even if you’re not a tech ninja, we all still like to indulge in gadgets, upgraded screens and geek-out neglected corners of our lives. Prime day offers amazing deals on things from Fire Sticks to Women’s clothing. Trust us, if we wrote about all of what Amazon Prime Day offers, this would be a book report and you would probably add to our bounce rate. Below we have a snippet of deals for you or check out the deals that interest you most on Amazon’s full listing page here. We hope you find the deal of a lifetime!

We will just stick to tech and scratch the surface! Let’s go!


Amazon Prime Day Ipad128G Apple iPad

Listed at $429, you can save $100 for this latest model of the universal tablet. Better battery life, two speaker audio and much more to love about this device. Oh and 128 gigs is epic!

Price: $329 (save $100)

Amazon Prime Day Apple AirpodsApple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

These little white babies are awesome! The wireless charging station is a super cool function by itself. The rest is self-evident

Price: $180 (save $20)

Amazon Prime Day Echo Smart SpeakerEcho Smart Speaker

Echo connects you to your Amazon experience. The speaker for this Echo is more robust and gives you a more layered sound. Compatible with other Dots and echo smart speakers.

Price: $70 (save $30)

Amazon Prime Day Ring Video DoorbellRing Video Doorbell Pro

Security is a sense of peace and with Amazon Ring Doorbell, you can always have a sense of control. Great discount on something that all of us should own for our homes.

Price: $249 (save $80)

Acer Gaming Products and Laptops

All you got to do is sign up for Amazon Prime! You could even sign on for the 30 day free trial and cancel it after the 29 days to take advantage of Prime Day!

Just a little taste, but you will be able to check in with Amazon from time to time because the deals are ever changing and being added also! Happy Priming and check out the other deals that aren’t tech!

And, yes, we know it has nothing to do with New Mexico SEO and website building. But we are tech geeks at heart and we always love a good deal!